Cappe is an Australian owned company/ brand that specialize in the design, development and distribution of football related products that includes footwear clothing and accessories.

Created back in 1997 by its founder and owner Peter Katholos after playing 20 years of professional football in Australia and overseas and representing the state of NSW and Australia and voted Australia’s best player 1982 , this is the industry that was home .

Over 23 years in the sporting business industry first as a retailer than as a wholesale/ distributor with vast experience and commitment to quality and service to our customers

Cappe was involved in outfitting football teams in the NSL including West Adelaide , Melbourne Knights , and Sydney Olympic and many players wore our football boots including Australian reps Ztlako Arambasic , Pablo Cardozo , and NSL stars Scott Bailey John Bonovouglia and Steve Karavatakis .

All products are manufactured from proven quality materials, under the strictest guidelines from manufacturers local and overseas, to assure a quality product to the consumer. Our football boots, rate amongst the world best, casual clothing that is appealing and fashionable in the latest state of the art fabrics

Our customers include major retail chain, specialist soccer stores, corporate business customers, soccer clubs, public and private schools. We have electronic data interchange ( edi ) computer system facilities in place to cater for the electronic age.

Our market vision is to build upon product innovation, technical improvements, consumer desirability and above all quality, hence the slogan

“Step ahead “.

Welcome to our website

Peter Katholos, Founder, Cappe

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